Website Development and Maintenance Support

Website development and maintenance for startups.

Working with startups has taught us so many things. Respecting our clients’ constraints and offering the best solution for their requirement is the key learning for us. Whether it is the time constraint, budget constraint or lack of clarity on a particular project, one of our team will be there to assist you without emphasizing what you needed to expect a perfect solution.

Choose the content panel, hosting space or leave everything on us

Ever faced a situation when you need a task to get done urgently, you are willing to pay and still turned down for whatever reasons. We follow a Standard Operating Procedure for every operation where we are accountable to our clients and otherwise. Right from collecting basic information from a client to sharing it with the team, getting the task executed, updating the client at every stage of the (service as a product) development, to delivering the final product to the client we conform to the SOPs.